keyboard right
You can typically find me on Twitter.
I live in Wellington.
Love the rain, but hate that wind.
They call it the creative capital of New Zealand.
I've yet to discover this
I'm a jack of all digital designs.
web designer.
user interface designer.
user experience designer.
and web developer.
With all that power comes great responsibility.
such as..
Browsing cat photos.
Drinking coffee.
and deadlines.
Being a student still sucks.'s worth it in the long run they say
so I present the
Design student survivial list.
1. make it simple but significant.
2. be your own brand.
3. fake it until you become it.
1. don't be the me in social situations.
2. don't stress the little things.
3. don't go chasing waterfalls.
The world is your webpage.
so design it well
People will notice you.
Thank you.